Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The good the bad and the disgusting

I have seen the absolute best in people this week, and I have seen the bottom of the barrel. At the top, there were scientists and patients so pure in their tireless pursuit to find answers and push the field of cancer research ever closer to finding better therapies. You could see the urgency in their eyes, they want to help, they ARE helping. But as is usually the case, the good was balanced by the bad and then the disgusting. I never thought someone would sink so low as to use our cancer for self gain, but it happened. We were infiltrated by someone who pretended to have angiosarcoma in order to gain money and who knows what kind of pathological thrill. I also lost the friendship of and respect for someone I valued immensely, someone who let a professional problem spiral so far out of control that all that’s left is a big disgusting mess. I have such vitriolic anger for both of the latter situations that it almost negates all the wonderful things that I had the opportunity to experience this week. Almost…..

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