Monday, March 21, 2011

Riding with Rob again

I love taking Robby home after the weekends. It gives us a chance to listen to music (which we have identical taste in) and to be silly down to the soul. Yesterday we hit some serious traffic on the Mass Pike and did what every mature set of humans would do, we rolled down the windows, turned the music up and made faces at all the curmudgeons groaning about life in traffic. Rob's fro sealed the deal. When we rolled up on people with him bouncing to Trey and his fro following in time about 1/2 a second later, they either gave the "Oh god, WTF is that look" or they laughed hysterically. Either way, it was a distraction for them from an otherwise moment in their lives that would have been considered "wasted". I love that kid because he see's it the same way. Savor it!

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