Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little girls, little women

Charly is definitely at the age were she would be mortified if she knew that I kept a blog with a picture of her ummm, adjusting her bathing suit, if you will. Those little girls are growing up, and every little milestone that may seem insignificant in an otherwise busy mom's life, is like a step toward freedom for me. Not to sound macabre or doomsday-ish, but having small children while facing "dismal" odds does weigh in on my general thought processes from time to time..haha. More then anything else in this world, I of course want my children to be happy and strong. Tonight, Charly made meatballs all by herself. Whoopty doo, a child rolled meat in her hands right? Wrong. My child prepared a meal! She mixed the ingredients, just as I had taught her, kneaded the breadcrumbs and spices together, and made perfectly sized meatballs, with the exception of one ginaormous one for daddy:). We stood side by side chatting like girlfriends, and all I could think was that there's one more tiny little thing in her world that came from mommy.

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