Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Worcester Left

Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado, Georgia, and Tennessee/Kentucky are states that I've lived in. It goes without saying that I've also driven my car in all of the aforementioned states. Maryland has it's share of road rage, the traffic around DC is a killer. Florida has a fair amount of geezer drivers who drift into on coming traffic, but every one's going so slow, it doesn't much matter. In Colorado, it was smooth sailing; snow, mountain passes, tourists, none of it seemed to impair peoples ability to get into a car and then back out at their destination without a rise in blood pressure and in one piece. Georgia and TN/KY also had road savvy drivers. And then there's Massachusetts. People in this state drive their cars the same way they direct their carriages at the grocery store. They drive completely self absorbed with absolutely no sense of spatial awareness. The light is green, I'll just turn left in front of that person because I want to. The light is red, but I feel like continuing, people will stop for me, it's me for gods sake. I've had to slam on my brakes, swerve into thankfully empty lanes, stop short at lights, flick off total strangers and yell obscenities to little old ladies because of the way people drive in this state. It's them, really, I'm the sane one, I swear it I SWEAR IT!

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