Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clean scans and Uno Chicago Grill

Last time I went in for my scans, I asked whether it would be possible to receive my results over the phone. "No no", I was told, "I'd really like to see you in person". "In person" means a full day into Boston that starts at the anxiety crack of dawn and ends a couple years later, when the doctor eventually makes his way into my room, the one that might as well have my shadow carved into the sterile white walls for all the time I sit in THAT chair under THOSE lights. "In person" means that Ted and I both take the full day off work and Charly misses school (although she does get to see Gina, one of the few +++'s). "In person" means another crappy lunch in the cafe at Dana. The menu might as well read, stuffed fillet of cancer with a side of sarcoma, to accompany my frog in throat knot in stomach appetite. "In person" really doc? You read a report put together by someone else. What is it that "your person" is providing? I feel pretty strongly that "in person" = co-pay. Last week, I sent an email saying that I either get my results over the phone or I stop getting scanned. The day before yesterday, I got my results while eating lunch at Chicago grill, where I had the pasta primavera and a side of clean scans.


  1. Sometimes doctors forget t hat our time is just as valuable as theirs! Good for you for standing your ground!

    And of course, Congratulations on your clean scans!

  2. Good for you! I email my doctors and have a response in my email by 6:30 every morning.