Friday, December 24, 2010

Setting the standard low and loving it

I have never been one for conforming to social constraints, so whenever i have a valid excuse for gliding through life with as loose a hold onto "normal" as I can muster, I'm a happy girl. When I was pregnant, I used to go to work in my slippers..closed toe slippers of course, wouldn't want to get the lab in trouble. If other women could use pregnancy as an excuse to eat unlimited bon bons in a guilt free manner, why was I not entitled to my own sense of self pampering. Now that I can pull out the cancer card, I use it more freely then a spoiled teen with daddy's American Express. Tonight I had to run out to the store to buy some batteries for a gift that Robby opened and was eager to try. We looked for the cord to plug it in with but alas, the sales man neglected to inform me that it was sold separately, even after I had specifically asked him about just that requirement. SO off to the store I had to go. Not wanting to get out of my footie pajama's, I decided it was time to introduce the world to my white fleece jammies adorned with hot pink lips. Off to Cumberland Farms I went, beyond white trash. Did I care? No. Did anyone else care? No. I bought the batteries, gave them to the boy, saw a big smile on his face, got one myself and went on with the night. Oh yeah, I then went on to wrap all the Christmas presents with duct tape....

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  1. I wish I could have been there to see this! You're such a breath of fresh air!