Sunday, December 19, 2010

Joy to the world

A little over a month ago, my friend and co-worker, Kendra, approached me with a novel idea for raising money and awareness for angiosarcoma. Christmas Caroling. EH? Carol what? This concept had never entered the mind of this Jewish girl who grew up with a yiddish speaking santa claus who would dole out pez dispensers and call it a night. What the hell I thought, this woman was kind enough to offer and it'll sure be a new experience for me. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, so I went into this with mild apprehension. I was given sheet music to songs I'd never heard before, sheet music with what might as well been written in Sanskrit for all I know about music.
We gathered at the Auburn Mall, my friend Jen, Kendra, her sister, husband and close friends. After quick hello's we got on stage and started to sing. These folks were amazing! They sounded so good, and people responded in kind. I was very moved by the warm smiles on the passers by, whether they donated or not. They left a little happier. I was drawn deep into the moment by all the children, and the parents who encouraged them to donate. Right there before us, we saw first hand the indoctrination of kindness. I really had no idea how moving this experience would be. I'm truly appreciative for all the effort that Kendra and her friends put into this, what another great example of how this disease has made my privy to the goodness in people.

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