Saturday, December 11, 2010

I hate ALS more then cancer

Maybe we make up monsters so that we don't have to face things in reality that are truly horrifying. We don't need Stephen King when we have ALS. I have a friend who leads a parallel life to me, but instead of getting a rare and deadly cancer, he pulled the ALS card out of fates box. We're both rock climbing scientists married to fitness guru's. We both love Mexican food. We sat down the day we met and compared notes and found it eerily strange how much we had in common. Neither of us guessed it would extend this far. I am truly heartbroken that he has to even know what the letters ALS stand for, let alone play them out in his life. When they were at the beginning stages of diagnosing him, his wife, one of my best friends, someone I've been through so much with...much more then should be allowed in one life time, told me that they were praying that the lesions they found on his spine were least he would be able to fight it. Seriously folks, we humans need to figure this shit out. We can't live these comfortable lives replete with all the modern day luxuries that spoil us into complacency and do nothing for people who live tortured lives. We have to study hard and figure it out!

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