Saturday, October 23, 2010

oh yeah, I have a job

So here I am, Merrily going about my awareness campaign when the fact that I need to get focused back on my real job came to me as a power point slide print out left on my desk from a lab at Harvard that is doing very similar work to me and is about to publish. Apparently the world of science doesn't really care that I was stalled for a bit due to unforeseen circumstances. No problem I think, but I just spent the last 2 hours on 1.5 paragraphs. All I can say is thank god I made figures before my body made tumors. I'll blog more once I have this monkey off my back. Oh yeah, my dog WILL NOT stop peeing on the only carpet we have left in the house, we've lost all the other carpets to urine attrition already. That puppy is very lucky she's cute and melts my heart.

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