Saturday, October 16, 2010

big birthday little girl

We were busy, we were burnt out, we were working too hard on to many things and decided to ease our way past Maddy's 3rd birthday with a quick trip to chuckee cheezits, a little left over birthday cake and the presents that the grandparents sent up. The only problem with this plan was that I couldn't let her turn 3 or any other age without an actual celebration. She's alive, she was born, so the world should celebrate! I probably would have let it slide if it wasn't for the suggestion from my friend Suzzett that her son's dance troop come for entertainment. I've never been to a party were there was actual talent for entertainment, so I jumped at the opportunity. They were amazing, and I was pretty f'cking happy to see these kids so talented making all of us smile in such a unique way. I think Maddy was pretty happy with it too, at one point she started complaining because I was shielding her with my picture taking arm from being able to see the show. Charly is convinced that she'll be part of the troop in a couple years..we'll see little girl, keep dancing and maybe:)
It was a big party with lots of good friends, lots of good people who are all in my babies world. I'm so grateful for every single one of them, for the effort that people are going through to make sure a little girl smiles..Maddy too:)
I also need to state to the world that Sapna makes the best food in the world. So there it is world, challenge is there, can YOU do better?

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