Friday, May 27, 2011

Back on the trail

When Ted and I lived in TN, we would go backpacking at least 3 weekends a month. We may have fallen in love at the drop zone, but we grounded our relationship on the trails of Savage Gulf and Big South Fork. After moving to New England, we spent some time hiking the Whites, but for the past 5 years, I've been preoccupied with children, and ...other things... and have only been able to squeeze in the occasional trip to Monadnok or Watchusett for a day hike. It never fails though, put me on a trail and I end up walking back in time. It's as though time has a place holder for me, and when my boots break the first twig, I'm invited back into the moment. We went to Crow Hill, taking the long way in so that we could hike and climb. Ted carried all our gear, but we ended up on someone elses rope, so the extra tonnage on his back was totally unnecessary. Oh well. We were back where we were always meant to be, embraced by a gentle breeze on a hot day with nothing but the next step to worry about.

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