Friday, May 13, 2011

#14 Make believe story

I love making up stories with my little girls. They tell me an animal, give me it's name and give in broad strokes what adventure the animal is to go on, then I make up the story. Charly's old enough now, but I want to wait til Maddy is old enough to illustrate these stories so that we can publish a series of childrens books:) Here's one from last night.

Elizabeth the Pink Striped Zebra:

Once upon a time there was a Zebra named Elizabeth. One day she was drinking from a pond when all of a sudden a frog croaked up at her and said “ribbit ribbit, why do you have pink stripes?” Elizabeth looked back at the strange little frog and said, “What on earth are you talking about, my stripes are just like all the other zebras.”
“Well, they are the same shape, and they are the same size, but they ARE PINK!” he insisted.
Elizabeth went back to her heard and asked her friends if her stripes were different. “No, of course not” they all replied. “They’re just like ours”.
Feeling better about things, Elizabeth went out for a run when all of a sudden she noticed a bird was following her. “What is it? Why are you following me?” she asked.
“Because my dear zebra, I’ve never met one of your kind with pink stripes!” the bird replied.
“What?” Elizabeth asked astonished, “have you been talking to the frog?”
“Frog? Yum yum where’s the frog? I love to eat frogs” the bird merrily chirped
“Oh my, I don’t understand why you both would say my stripes were pink hen they’re not! They’re just like every other zebra’s”
“Tell me Elizabeth, what color is the sky? The bird inquired
“Grey” she said
“And the grass, what color is the grass?”
“Grey of course” said Elizabeth
“What about a rainbow? What are the colors there?” the bird asked.
“Oh, that’s easy” she said, “grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey and grey”.
“Oh, I see the problem” said the wise old bird.
“Problem?” replied Elizabeth
“You don’t see colors, you and your friends don’t see that the world is painted with fantastic colors, so to you everything looks the same.” Said the bird
“Does that mean I look different to you?” she asked
“You look stunning, but you’ll have to trust me that you’re one of a kind, even if you can’t see it yourself. I can see it, the frog could see it, and I bet that there are creatures that you’ve never even met that can see it.” said the bird.
Elizabeth returned to the herd. She knew she was different, even if no one else could tell. She wondered if each of her friends had something unique about them too. Maybe she’d be the only one to see it… if she looked hard enough.

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  1. Publish this right now before some a-hole steals it.