Wednesday, February 23, 2011

we have no clue

Every once in a while, I become completely aware of how little we humans actually understand about the universe. We're like children trying to interpret ancient sanskrit etched in stone, rubbing our fingers over the textured surface but completely unaware that there are levels beyond our senses that will eventually reveal themselves to us, we just need to bide our time and grow.
We went to the planetarium the other day with the girls where we sat beneath images of galaxies colliding. I couldn't help myself from thinking that the universe is trying to become self aware as I attempted to use my feeble senses and tiny brain to understand the magnitude of our space time continuum. I feel like the luckiest animal in the universe to even get the opportunity to try and fail at such concepts. Maybe in another couple million years we'll get it. For now, I'll just keep my eyes open for shooting stars on which to hang my wishes.

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