Thursday, February 3, 2011

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For the parents of those who are suffering with cancer, there are no words to describe their pain. We all talk about how horrible cancer is, how tragic, but unless you've lived with it close to your heart, it's as unfathomable a concept to grasp as the notion of a never ending universe, or forever time. We try and imagine how many stars there are by looking up into the night sky, but our senses are dulled, the reality is cushioned by our atmosphere and lack of context. Parents are thrust deep into the expanse with no measure of comfort, only to be handed a more intense telescope through which to view the next galaxy of pain each time their child is delivered more devastating news. There are no words for them, there are no units in which to measure their suffering. To try and describe it in fathoms, in depth is trivial in comparison to the unbearable reality that they most go through. We have to help them, we most find a cure, there's no other choice. I am choosing to do something, will you?

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