Sunday, October 20, 2013

Not Jaded at all

Last night I watched the Red Sox take the ALCS title away from the Tigers. Two things stood out as significant to me while watching. The first was how many times the announcers could query whether or not Pedroia's foul ball was reallllly to the left of the post and the second was the camera shot to the crowd of thousands of nail biting fans waiting to hear the ruling. It is really the latter that struck a cord with me. Countless people were caught up in the moment, sharing a collective anxiety, every heart in every human watching that game live or from the myriad of beer stained couches throughout the land was racing in unison as the referee's reviewed the shadow that the ball cast as it slipped away from a home run. 216 stitches flying through the air hit by a boy in tights. Humans desperate for the ball to shift by a couple inches. Despair as it sinks in that it was indeed foul, it wasn't an optical illusion, the ball really did cast a shadow to the left of the post. But the game went on and "we" eventually won the title. Hurrah, success, we should pat ourselves on the back. Today we all smile, we won! How comfy to be part of a collective, to know that we are uniformly striving for the same outcome, that together we will spend millions on tickets, beer, pizza and wings as we make our way to the World Series! Good job human's, it's nice to know that there can be a singular focus to galvanize us toward a victory of sorts....

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