Saturday, February 11, 2012

Too many thank you's are a good thing

It's cycle for survival time and I'm heading down to DC today to take part in the event in Bethesda. This year is going to be bittersweet, thinking of all the people we lost in one year alone. Faces that I want to see and voices that I want to hear are alive and well in our collective memories, so walking into the gym, I'm fully expecting to see them there... How can cycle happen without Jen and Alyssa? My entire mental framework for this is wrapped up in still framed images, Jen at the podium expressing her infinite gratitude, Alyssa dancing with zeal in her infamous tiara.
Then there will be the faces of old friends. The memories I have with them extend back to my childhood, long before any of this cancer nonsense. To see them come out in the context of this fight will force my worlds to collide a little. But the universe is big, and there's plenty of space for creative entanglements like these.
I am grateful beyond words to everyone who has participated in our many angiosarcoma teams and for every penny that's been raised. I try to stay on top of things, but if I missed anyone in my many thank you's, I am sorry. Whether you shared 10 or 10000 dollars, every penny is going toward the cure that WILL be found. Every one of you is in the lab, working with those precious samples to try and understand what's causing this disease. You are all supporting the hands of the technicians who are processing the data, in the minds of the researchers who are writing up the manuscripts, on the scripts of the clinicians who will be prescribing new drugs to fight this disease. Many many thanks to all of you who get why we have to do this and who have jumped in with unwavering support.


  1. Thank you Corrie for all you are doing for Angiosarcoma, but mostly for all you're doing for the people who wear that A face. It means the world to all of us. Love to you as you deal with those various worlds today...

  2. FUAS! Keep it going Sis!!!!