Friday, January 6, 2012

Time, what are you?

Time is a precious mysterious thing that we don't understand at all. We like to divide it up into different segments so we can have a calendar and fancy watches that are useful if we want to watch it tick away. We like to freeze it in pictures, imagine what it will bring us, lament what it's taken. We live inside of it's vector and are strapped in, forced to travel only in one direction. Our brains haven't evolved to a point where we can comprehend infinity, it's futile to try. Nor can we imagine what time looks like when it bends around massive objects. We spend our time, as though it's payment for life. But what are we buying? I may not know much, but I try and feel time as it slips by me, through me, over me, within me, without me. We will always be a part of this continuum, stamped forever in each moment. We have a long way to go as humans before we actually know what's going on here, but we might as well make the most of it as we tag along for the ride.

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