Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talking to strangers

I was on the shuttle train last night making my way to the rental car agency when I became profoundly aware of all the isolated worlds packed so closely together. It always makes me laugh..and cry when I look at masses of people and see each person shut off from the rest. It's as though we need a protective winter coat in order to shield us from the chill of other people. It's so unnecessary. We are all (except for people who pretend to have cancer and then steal our money..but I don't consider those people human anyways..)good. We are all interesting. We all crave each other, need each other and want to be heard by each other. If you engage people with nothing but a pure interest in making the most out your time with them, chances are, they'll feel comfortable in a light spring jacket. If you engage them with your full attention, you can suck them right into the moment. Life's too short to live with fear, with hesitation, with insecurities, with anything that anchors us away from each other. Last night on the train, I met a young couple with a brand new baby. They are so proud of their lives and I couldn't be happier that I know that.

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  1. Love, love, love!! Thanks for the reminder. :)