Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow = snuggle

I love the snow. When I was a child and the word snow was mentioned on the evening news, my otherwise unsophisticated thought processes became transfixed onto the 8th grade level words that were delivered by correspondents standing outside with thick winter coats. They were waiting for the first flakes to fall because their contracts told them they had to stand outside like idiots. I was waiting for the first flakes to fall because it meant a possible snow day, a transformation of the neighborhood, hot cocoa, a fire, marshmallows in the aforementioned hot cocoa, snow men, snowball fights with the entire neighborhood ect....

I never lost the thrill that I got when snow is in the forecast. Ask me in late February and I'll say the same thing.

Now, I get to see this love build in the warm hearts of my babies. They are too cute all the time, but put them outside with mouths open waiting for the flakes to find their little tongues, and it's almost too much to bear!

Last night we ate a giant pot of soup in front of a fire while watching Star Wars. Welcome back winter, let the snuggling begin!

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