Monday, August 8, 2011

Road trip Faux Pas I

Having just come back from a 3 week road trip with one hubby, 2 little girls, a teenage boy and a 1 year old puppy, there are certain things I want to jot down before they fade into general feelings rather than distinct memories. The trip was amazing, we are all better for it, closer to each other and full of laughter, but I always enjoy the bloopers first, so here are the most most memorable.
We rented a 29 foot coachman RV with a bathroom, sink, hot water heater, shower, refrigerator, propane tank, oven/stove, microwave, generator, TV/DVD player, awning, and a partridge in a pear tree. Before we drove this behemoth off the lot, we were given a whirlwind 30 minute tour of the do's and dont's. Needless to say, not all of it stuck in our vacation ready minds. The extent to which we were clueless became readily available to everyone in the parking lot of the Loves truck stop off route 40 in Baxter TN. After circling the facility a couple times, we stopped to ask a trucker where exactly the dump station was. He looked at Ted as though he were a dump station. The woman inside the stop was more helpful and told us where we needed to be. It just so happened that the sprinkler system also needed to on in the same spot. It didn't occur to us until after the first couple passes that perhaps we should roll up the windows..all of which were being assaulted by the high velocity water being shot seemingly only in our direction.
After what felt like 12 years or so, the attendant came out to unlock the lovely hole in the ground, otherwise referred to as the dump station (so apropos). As we were "dumping", we decided to fill up our water tank, all the while, trying to dodge the heat seeking water missile that Ted ended up physically twisting into an unsuspecting trucker who was either fast asleep or too afraid of the angry stomping dumper to say anything about it. Maybe he wanted a clean truck? At this point, the dump was flowing, the water hose was hooked up to the RV and Ted and I were soaked. We sat there for another 12 years filling the water tank, which never really filled. Screw it, we can get more water down the road we thought. Back into the RV we climbed, wet, wet and more wet. It wasn't until we stopped for more water the next day that we realized we hooked the hose up to the wrong part of the RV. The fact that water was spraying out both ends of the hose with enough pressure to create a half assed diamond apparently was not a big enough clue for us that night. So we rolled on, waterless and one step into "the road trip faux pas".

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