Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jen Goodman Linn

No matter how sick my friends are, it always comes as a complete and heartbreaking shock to me when I find out that one has passed. I am in disbelief that she's gone. Her voice still resounds in my thoughts. I truly hear her. The last correspondence I had with Jen was an email I sent quoting George Carlin on the subject of just where in the priorities of the day people place us when they say, "you're in my thoughts". Needless to say, the quote itself is not blog appropriate, but was appreciated in my own private email. Never the less, Jen is in my thoughts, and for the sake of clarifying this from the platitudes that she worked so hard to distance herself from, I want to state exactly where she is. She chants a fearless mantra every time I let my mind creep in to the labyrinth of morbid possibilities, she urges me to remain steadfast in my pursuit to aid in the human fight against this disease, she reminds me that nothing, not even death, can stand in the way of a fulfilled life. I hear her voice crystal clear as though she's sitting right next to me. She's in my thoughts, right at the forefront, right at apex of the battlefield.

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