Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jen Goodman Linn, you are one bad MF(H)

Today I'm wearing my cycle for survival long sleeve jersey. I wear it to honor two women who continue to inspire me every day. Alyssa, who lost her battle to angiosarcoma a couple months ago, will forever be a part of every step I take. Jen Goodman Linn, who is fiercely battling MFH, is not only shaping the contours of my life, but has changed the entire landscape of rare cancer research. Jen, and her husband Dave, started cycle for survival in 2007 after being diagnosed (in 2004) with sarcoma. When handed a diagnosis of cancer, everyone fights. We all do what we can to survive, not just in years, but in this one moment. We fight for our sanity, we fight for our loved ones, we fight for one more minute in order to be engaged in this world. Sometimes however, people are inspired to carry the fight beyond themselves. Jen is the poster child of how to fight for all people with rare cancers. Beyond the 9 million dollars that cycle for survival has raised for rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Jen has taken it upon herself to help people in ANY WAY imaginable. Want to be inspired by a modern day Bodhisattva? Check out her blog and see how she lives! Want to help her grow a legacy that will outlive our entire generation? be part of the cycle for survival movement!

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