Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miss Maddy is still little

9th percentile height. She's a little itty bitty girl with a smile, laugh and heart so big that there are no charts to guide us for comparisons. I don't know that I've met a three year old with more personality and a more developed sense of humor then this child. She was cracking jokes at the dinner table before she could talk. I'm the luckiest mother in the world to have these kids. I'm the luckiest person I know in general.
Kinda makes me laugh when people walk away from an interaction with me thinking almost audibly how happy they are to not be me. Well folks, I wouldn't switch lives with anyone. I was getting my car fixed the other day and the man whose job it is to sit in a folding chair in front of a window and wait for cars to roll up in order to perform his full service duties started to make small talk with me while I was waiting. He told me about his family and how they all die young because of alcoholism, how he's single and childless, how he sits in a folding chair for his career. That man was counting his blessings when I left, he was so grateful for his life, for the fact that he would live long enough to die from the bottle, that he would be around for at least a couple more years to make a good and deep impression on that chair. He left thanking god that he wasn't me. I guess we have that in common. I don't in any way want to disparage him or anyone else based on the merits of their job, or lack thereof. I'm just using him as an example of why we shouldn't pity people, those people just might pity you too.

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