Saturday, November 20, 2010

Angio Sarcoma Awareness

A couple months ago, I was recovering from surgery, waiting endlessly for other people's chemo infusions to finish so that I could take my turn in the Dana I infusion cattle barn, riding a roller coaster made in the imagination of a sadistic misanthrope, trying to graduate, trying to keep my smile for my children, and desperately looking for anyone else on this planet that knew anything about this wretched disease. My how things have changed. Our initiative, to fund research and find answers, has taken off and has spread almost as fast as a juicy rumor in the halls of any typical american high school. I can't believe that a couple months ago, Lauren and I said, "let's get it done", and now it's actually happenings. It's a life's dream, conceived and realized in the blink of an eye. Will any of this change the course of my disease? Don't know. Will it change someone's life down the road? I believe wholeheartedly that it will. When the collective scientific community tells you that your prognosis is, and I quote, "dismal", it feel s pretty damned good to say, not for long!

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